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José Vicente Barbosa du Bocage

A Portugiasischer Zóológ und Bólitiker. Er wor da Kurator fir Zóológie am Naturhistoarischen Museum auf Lissabon. Dé Zóológiesåmmlung am Lissaboner Museum is nooch eam "Bocage-Museum" gnånnt. Er hod 200 taxónómische Fluugschriften iwer Spåhviicher, Végel und Fiisch vafosst. Anno 1880 is a Marineminister und spoder Aussenminister worn. Er hod aa'ran Hauffer Oarten sejwer entdéggt.

Species of the month

Wrinkled Crust

Phlebia radiata. New York State, 2015.

Phlebia radiata Fries, E.M. 1821. XI Phlebia Fries. Systema mycologicum: sistens fungorum ordines, genera et species, huc usque cognitas, quas ad normam methodi naturalis determinavit 1: 427.

Some facts about this fungus:

Phlebia radiata, commonly known as the Wrinkled Crust, is a common species of crust fungus in the family Meruliaceae. It was first described scientifically in 1821 by Elias Magnus Fries. Phlebia radiata is widespread in the Northern Hemisphere. It is an inedible, xylophagous species and grows as a wrinkled, orange to pinkish waxy crust on the decaying wood of coniferous and deciduous trees, in which it causes a white rot. The fruitbody of Phlebia radiata is resupinate—flattened against its substrate like a crust. It is wrinkled, orange to pinkish in color, and has a waxy texture. It is circular to irregular in shape, reaching a diameter up to 10 cm (3.9 in), although neighbouring fruitbodies may be fused together to form larger complexes up to 30 cm (12 in) in diameter. The soft texture of the flesh hardens when the fruitbody becomes old. The spores are white. Microscopic examination reveals additional spore details: they are smooth, allantoid (sausage-shaped) to elliptical, and inamyloid, measuring 3.5–7 by 1–3 µm.

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