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Wikispecies is a project supported by the Wikimedia Foundation with a great potential. It is meant to become an open, free directory of species. This will cover Animalia, Plantae, Fungi, Bacteria, Archaea, Protista and all other forms of life to the extent that our users allow us. So far we have 873 065 articles.

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If you have any questions about Wikispecies, please do not hesitate to sign up at the Wikispecies mailing list: mailinglist

Check out wikispecies:Help for detailed information on creating pages.

  • See Wikipedia on taxonomy for information on the Linnaean classification of species.
  • See the Village pump to discuss the project.
  • See the done and to do page for references to very detailed areas and defined future targets
  • See Wikispecies FAQ for replies to common concerns.
  • See our recommended image guidelines on where to upload illustrations
  • See Wikispecies PR if you think you could help us by spreading the word of wikispecies


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