Uikispecies:Tsū-tōng sûn-tsa iōng-tsiá

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Tsū-tōng sûn-tsa sī tsi̍t-ê ē-tàng hōo Uikispecies iōng-tsiá ê iōng-tsiá tsōng-thài.

The status in no way affects your editing, is not considered a reward, an award, or promotion of any sort, and is generally not something to be concerned about.


The right is granted to experienced users who have demonstrated an understanding of Wikispecies policies and guidelines.

The autopatrol user right is intended to reduce the workload of new page Patrollers and causes pages created by autopatrolled users to be automatically marked as patrolled.

It means that the user can be trusted not to submit inappropriate material, deliberately or otherwise, and that the user submits new material often enough that it is more efficient to mark it all as approved preemptively.

Any Administrator can grant this right at their discretion to trusted users who regularly create pages and have demonstrated they are familiar with Wikispecies's policies and guidelines.


Autopatrolled users have the following status:

  1. Autopatrolled editing.

Autoconfirmed users edits are automatically logged as "patrolled (autopatrol)," as trusted users of Wikispecies are less likely to need help with formatting and following policies!


Autopatroller status can be assigned by any Administrator, and may be removed by any Administrator in cases of abuse.

List of autopatrollers

Wikispecies has 301 autopatrollers.

The current list can be found at Special:ListUsers/autopatrolled.

Additionally, all 27 administrators have autopatrol rights automatically.

The current list of administrators can be found at Special:ListUsers/sysop.

Userbox on Wikispecies


This user has autopatrolled rights on Wikispecies. (verify)

Autopatrollers may use the autopatroller user box on their user pages.

Kā i-hā ê tāi-bé hok-tsè píng liâm-thaip kàu lí-ê iōng-tsiá ia̍h-bīn:

{{User Autopatroller}}

Mita-Uiki tíng-kuân ê iōng-tsiá-khing

If you have a Meta-Wiki user page, you can put the autopatrolled user box for Meta on your Meta-Wiki user page.