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How we will see unregistered usersEdit


You get this message because you are an admin on a Wikimedia wiki.

When someone edits a Wikimedia wiki without being logged in today, we show their IP address. As you may already know, we will not be able to do this in the future. This is a decision by the Wikimedia Foundation Legal department, because norms and regulations for privacy online have changed.

Instead of the IP we will show a masked identity. You as an admin will still be able to access the IP. There will also be a new user right for those who need to see the full IPs of unregistered users to fight vandalism, harassment and spam without being admins. Patrollers will also see part of the IP even without this user right. We are also working on better tools to help.

If you have not seen it before, you can read more on Meta. If you want to make sure you don’t miss technical changes on the Wikimedia wikis, you can subscribe to the weekly technical newsletter.

We have two suggested ways this identity could work. We would appreciate your feedback on which way you think would work best for you and your wiki, now and in the future. You can let us know on the talk page. You can write in your language. The suggestions were posted in October and we will decide after 17 January.

Thank you. /Johan (WMF)

18:19, 4 January 2022 (UTC)

Invitation to join the Fifteen Year SocietyEdit

Dear Dan Koehl, I believe you have now contributed to Wikispecies during a period of more than fifteen years.

I'd like to extend a cordial invitation to you to join the Fifteen Year Society, an informal group for editors who've been participating in the Wikispecies project for fifteen years or more.

Best regards, Tommy Kronkvist (talk), 11:19, 25 January 2022 (UTC).

@Tommy Kronkvist:, Thanks! Dan Koehl (talk) 14:26, 15 May 2022 (UTC)

Interface adminshipEdit

Ta gärna en titt på Interface administrators om du har lust, angående min ansökan om förnyat förtroende som gränssnittsadministratör. Det är nu gott och väl en vecka sedan omröstningen påbörjades en vecka sedan omröstningen avslutades, och ärendet bör sålunda avslutas "officiellt". Eftersom du inte varit delaktig i omröstningen eller diskussionen där så lämpar det sig särskilt väl att just du avslutar ärendet.

Av samma anledning är det också bra om du "promoverar" mig till Interface administrator, i enlighet med omröstningens resultat.

Varma hälsningar, Tommy Kronkvist (talk), 11:51, 15 May 2022 (UTC).

@Tommy Kronkvist:, its   Done! Dan Koehl (talk) 14:26, 15 May 2022 (UTC)
Thanks, but unfortunately it isn't done. As you can see in the User rights log for my user account you changed my Translation administrator status from "Does not expire" to "Temporary". This is wrong, since membership of the Translation administrator user group isn't time limited. Please revert this change.
Instead, you should have added me to the Interface administrators user group, which you didn't. Please do.   (For reference, the current number of Interface administrators as of this writing (i.e. zero) can be seen here.)
Kind regards, Tommy Kronkvist (talk), 17:21, 15 May 2022 (UTC).
Thank you for your swift remediation of the above issues. –Tommy Kronkvist (talk), 18:45, 15 May 2022 (UTC).