• Title: The Zoological Record
  • Title Variants: Abbreviated: Zool. Rec. (Lond.)
  • Related Titles: Zoological Record Search Guide; Zoological Record Serial Sources
  • Preceded by: The Record of Zoological Literature
  • Type: Journal
  • Publication info London :J.V. Voorst,1870-

Notes: Vols. 43-51, 1906-1914, published as the 6th-14th issues of the International Catalogue of Scientific Literature, class N, Zoology.

Vols. for <1994/1995-> issued in multiple sections, each relating to a specific phylum or class of the animal kingdom: Sect. 1--Comprehensive Zoology; Sect. 2--Protozoa; Sect. 3 Porifera & Archaeocyatha; Sect. 4--Coelenterata & Ctenophora; Sect. 5--Echinodermata; Sect. 6A--Platyhelminthes & Nematoda, etc.; Sect. 6B--Annelida, etc.; Sect. 6C--Conodonta & Fossil Miscellanea; Sect. 7--Brachiopoda; Sect. 8--Bryozoa (Polyzoa) & Entoprocta; Sect. 9--Mollusca; Sect. 10--Crustacea; Sect. 11--Trilobitomorpha; Sect. 12--Arachnida, etc.; Sect. 13A--Insecta, part A, General & Smaller Orders; Sect. 13B--Insecta, part B, Coleoptera; Sect. 13C--Insecta, part C, Diptera; Sect. 13D--Insecta, part D, Lepidoptera; Sect. 13E--Insecta, part E, Hymenoptera; Sect. 13F--Insecta, part F, Hemiptera; Sect. 14--Protochordata; Sect. 15--Pisces; Sect. 16--Amphibia; Sect. 17--Reptilia; Sect. 18--Aves; Sect. 19--Mammalia; Sect. 20--List of New Names.

Issued by the Zoological Record Association, 1870-1885; by the Zoological Society of London, 1886-<1994>. Accompanied by a reference manual with title: Zoological Record Search Guide, and by a literature guide with title: Zoological Record Serial Sources.

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