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This section provides common names in other languages and if possible links to Wikipedia pages. It is always the last section on a page ("References" go above it).

The structure of this section should be either spaced (above) or in list form (below); both display the same. Spaced is generally easier for editing as it reduces the need for scrolling to reach text below the VN section:

=={{int:Vernacular names}}==
{{VN |ar=دب الشمس |br=Arzh Malaysia |ca=Ós malai |cs=Medvěd malajský |da=Malajbjørn |de=Malaienbär |dsb=Malayziski mjadwjeź |en=Sun Bear |eo=Malaja urso |es=Oso malayo |et=Päikesekaru |eu=Malaysiako hartz |fa=خرس آفتاب |fi=Malaijinkarhu |fr=Ours malais |ga=Béar gréine |he=דוב מלאי |hr=Sunčev medvjed |hsb=Malajiski mjedwjedź |hu=Maláj medve |id=Beruang madu |it=Orso malese |ja=マレーグマ |ka=მალაიური დათვი |kk=Малай аюы |ko=말레이곰 |kw=Arth mel |lt=Malajinis lokys |lv=Saules lācis |mk=Малајска мечка |ms=Beruang Madu |my=ပသျှူးဝက်ဝံ |nah=Malayotlācamāyeh |nl=Maleise beer |nn=Malayabjørn |no=Malayabjørn |nv=Shash yázhí |pl=Biruang malajski |pnb=ماکھیو رچھ |ro=Ursul malaez |ru=Малайский медведь |sh=Sunčev medvjed |sl=Sončni medved |sr=Сунчани медвед |su=Ontohod |sv=Malajbjörn |th=หมีหมา |tr=Malaya ayısı |ua=Малайський ведмідь |udm=Малайя гондыр |ug=مالاي ئېيىقى |uk=Малайський ведмідь |vi=Gấu chó |zh-min-nan=Má-lâi-hîm |zh-yue=馬來熊 |zh=馬來熊}}

Or in list form:

=={{int:Vernacular names}}==
|ar=دب الشمس
|br=Arzh Malaysia
|ca=Ós malai
|cs=Medvěd malajský
|dsb=Malayziski mjadwjeź
|en=Sun Bear
|eo=Malaja urso
|es=Oso malayo
|eu=Malaysiako hartz
|fa=خرس آفتاب
|fr=Ours malais
|ga=Béar gréine
|he=דוב מלאי
|hr=Sunčev medvjed
|hsb=Malajiski mjedwjedź
|hu=Maláj medve
|id=Beruang madu
|it=Orso malese
|ka=მალაიური დათვი
|kk=Малай аюы
|kw=Arth mel
|lt=Malajinis lokys
|lv=Saules lācis
|mk=Малајска мечка
|ms=Beruang Madu
|nl=Maleise beer
|nv=Shash yázhí
|pl=Biruang malajski
|pnb=ماکھیو رچھ
|ro=Ursul malaez
|ru=Малайский медведь
|sh=Sunčev medvjed
|sl=Sončni medved
|sr=Сунчани медвед
|tr=Malaya ayısı
|ua=Малайський ведмідь
|udm=Малайя гондыр
|ug=مالاي ئېيىقى
|uk=Малайський ведмідь
|vi=Gấu chó

Which will render as:

Vernacular names

العربية: دب الشمس
brezhoneg: Arzh Malaysia
català: Ós malai
čeština: Medvěd malajský
dansk: Malajbjørn
Deutsch: Malaienbär
dolnoserbski: Malayziski mjadwjeź
English: Sun Bear
Esperanto: Malaja urso
español: Oso malayo
eesti: Päikesekaru
euskara: Malaysiako hartz
فارسی: خرس آفتاب
suomi: Malaijikarhu
français: Ours malais
Gaeilge: Béar gréine
עברית: דוב מלאי
hrvatski: Sunčev medvjed
hornjoserbsce: Malajiski mjedwjedź
magyar: Maláj medve
Bahasa Indonesia: Beruang madu
italiano: Orso malese
日本語: マレーグマ
ქართული: მალაიური დათვი
қазақша: Малай аюы
한국어: 말레이곰
kernowek: Arth mel
lietuvių: Malajinis lokys
latviešu: Saules lācis
македонски: Малајска мечка
Bahasa Melayu: Beruang Madu
မြန်မာဘာသာ: ပသျှူးဝက်ဝံ
Nāhuatl: Malayotlācamāyeh
Nederlands: Maleise beer
norsk nynorsk: Malayabjørn
norsk: Malayabjørn
Diné bizaad: Shash yázhí
polski: Biruang malajski
پنجابی: ماکھیو رچھ
română: Ursul malaez
русский: Малайский медведь
srpskohrvatski / српскохрватски: Sunčev medvjed
slovenščina: Sončni medved
српски / srpski: Сунчани медвед
Sunda: Ontohod
svenska: Malajbjörn
ไทย: หมีหมา
Türkçe: Malaya ayısı
удмурт: Малайя гондыр
ئۇيغۇرچە / Uyghurche: مالاي ئېيىقى
українська: Малайський ведмідь
Tiếng Việt: Gấu chó
閩南語 / Bân-lâm-gú: Má-lâi-hîm
粵語: 馬來熊
中文: 馬來熊



Interwiki from Wikidata (source: copy from Q144923)

Wikipedia(58 pages) [edit] 
ar دب الشمس 
br Arzh Malaysia 
ca Ós malai 
ceb Helarctos malayanus * 
cs Medvěd malajský 
da Malajbjørn 
de Malaienbär 
dsb Malayziski mjadwjeź 
en Sun bear 
eo Malaja urso 
es Helarctos malayanus * 
et Päikesekaru 
eu Malaysiako hartz 
fa خرس آفتاب 
fi Malaijikarhu 
fr Ours malais 
ga Béar gréine 
he דוב מלאי 
hr Sunčev medvjed 
hsb Malajiski mjedwjedź 
hu Maláj medve 
id Beruang madu 
it Helarctos malayanus *
ja マレーグマ 
ka მალაიური დათვი 
kk Малай аюы 
ko 말레이곰 
kw Arth mel 
lt Malajinis lokys 
lv Saules lācis 
mk Малајска мечка 
ms Beruang Madu 
my ပသျှူးဝက်ဝံ 
nah Malayotlācamāyeh 
nl Maleise beer 
nn Malayabjørn
no Malayabjørn 
nv Shash yázhí 
pl Biruang malajski 
pnb ماکھیو رچھ 
pt Helarctos malayanus *
ro Ursul malaez 
ru Малайский медведь 
sh Sunčev medvjed 
simple Sun Bear 
sl Sončni medved 
sr Сунчани медвед 
su Ontohod 
sv Malajbjörn 
ta சூரியக்கரடி
th หมีหมา 
tr Malaya ayısı 
udm Малайя гондыр 
ug مالاي ئېيىقى 
uk Малайський ведмідь 
vi Gấu chó 
war Helarctos malayanus * 
zh_min_nan Má-lâi-hîm 
zh_yue 馬來熊 
zh 马来熊

The three last links will show up as interwiki links in the sidebar. As seen in this example, not all article names are named by their common names. Most taxa will not have common names in some (or any) languages. Do not add names to {{VN}} if they are the same as the scientific name (marked * in the Wikidata list above). Also, do not simply translate common names into other languages; it doesn't work that way. The names must actually be in use.

Attention: Some language versions of Wikipedia prefer the scientific name for the title of the article. In this case, try to find the correct vernacular name in the info box or in the introductory part of the article. Also, please note that while most scientific names use Latin grammatical form they are most often not to be considered proper Latin. Hence the correct Latin vernacular name of a taxon is very seldom identical to the scientific name of said taxon. As an example the Latin vernacular name for domestic cat is not Felis silvestris catus, but "cattus".

The resulting list should be in alphabetical order of language name (the wiki code does this automatically). For a complete list of language abbreviations see: meta:List of Wikipedias.

Attention: Titles of the articles in interwiki always begin with a capital letter (Sentence case). The VN list should follow suit, even when the within-sentence convention for vernacular names is in lower case in some languages.



As vernacular names are not an important part of Wikispecies, the vernacular names list in Wikispecies is only a summary; it is not intended to be a comprehensive listing of every local variant, past or present.

To avoid the list becoming too long, only include one vernacular name per language, which should generally be the standard name (French, nom normalisé) used in official publications in the relevant language (such as the IOC World Bird Names list, or the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland plant list). There is an exception for some languages that use more than one writing system. For example the Serbian language which officially use both Latin script and a variation of the Cyrillic alphabet. In those cases it's okay to add two names since they're essentially the same one, only written with two different alphabets.

Additional names may be added to the equivalent item in Wikidata, where sources should be given.



English Wikipedia decapitalises vernacular names, following newspaper conventions but in contradiction to most formal taxon list publications; in Wikispecies VN lists, the English name should be capitalised in accord with formal publications (i.e., Sun Bear, not Sun bear or sun bear). Please also note that in German all nouns are always capitalised, including vernacular names.



In Wikidata, two- and three-part language codes are separated by an underscore in Wikidata, but the Wikispecies VN list uses a hyphen: remember to change bat_smg, zh_min_nan etc., to bat-smg, zh-min-nan, etc.

Simple English


Simple English (Wikidata code 'simple') is not a separate language from English, and is not used by the template.

New languages


To request the addition of a new language to the template, please leave a message at Template talk:VN.

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