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(See also w:User:Georgeryp) ...but for what is relevant here, I have a B.A. in biology (from Holy Cross College) and sometimes wish I had used that education professionally.
Instead, I work as a computer programmer. --Georgeryp   22 April 2007

I noticed that the standard page format here has evolved a lot over time and that there are still many pages not updated to the latest format. Hopefully, I can help change that (starting with VNbot - other bots).

  • I occasionally monitor the recent changes here and help new contributors with formatting consistency.
  • I also revert vandalism when I happen to find it.
  • If you are aware of the current state of OmegaWiki or Wikidata, especially regarding the possible implications for Wikispecies, please let me know. Thanks.


  1. Eristalis gatesi - Bill Gates' flower fly, or a "bug" named "Error"?
  2. Eristalis alleni - Paul Allen's flower fly, " recognition of his great contributions to the science of Dipterology." (i.e., he's responsible for a lot of "bugs"?)
  3. Elvis taxon (on Wikipedia) - found listed on Wikipedia:Unusual articles
  4. The officially named " Monkey" (Callicebus aureipalatii) - at least the money went to a good cause.
  5. Occasionally, a vandal thinks it's funny to add one of the Category:Fictional species here. I don't.
  6. Other species named after famous personalities:

To Do

0. Get more missing species from PLANTS (see notes at User:Georgeryp/PLANTS)
  1. Get Template:SPP approved or disapproved
  2. Get VNbot rolling (also note User:Polbot on en.wikpedia and any other species-related bots)
  3. Move the chollas on Opuntia to Cylindropuntia (under Cylindropuntieae - see Talk:Opuntia).
  4. Create Greasemonkey scripts to assist with recent changes monitoring, taxon counts (on a given page only), etc?
  5. Make a template that produces an outline/shell of a basic page which can then edited with specifics - Try {{subst:shell|taxonNameHere}}

Future use for Wikispecies?


Others have previously raised the idea (see comments about Wikidata and Omniwiki) that, just as Commons serves as a single source of images for all the language-specific Wikipedias, Wikispecies should serve as the single source of all taxon hierarchies through a special template or wikilink which would embed the text, not hyperlinks, of hierarchies maintained on Wikispecies into the taxoboxes on all the Wikipedias. (e.g. see en:Bombycilla garrulus - even the Japanese and Chinese article pages contain the same scientfic names on the right).


  1. Prevents duplication (even on Commons itself - see Chrysanthemum). (Minimizing duplication, or forking, is point #2 in the Wikispecies Charter)
  2. Helps speed the creation of new organism pages on the Wikipedias.
  3. Eliminates the chance of a typo on one Wikipedia propagating to the others.
  4. Eliminates the chance that a new taxonomic change will not be reflected on all Wikipedias (even if the pages are not actively maintained).
  5. Interwiki links for all the languages of Wikipedia could be maintained in one place.


  1. A given hierarchy may contradict the prose of a Wikipedia article (sometimes there is more than one "accepted" hierarchy). (Solve with alternative hierarchies?)
  2. An edit to a hierarchy on Wikispecies may not appear on a Wikipedian's watch list (similar to what happens on an article page when an image is changed/deleted on Commons). (Solve possibly by notifying contributors to also sign up for a Wikispecies account or have a bot trigger an edit notification or in future. If Wikipedia eventually supports a single-signon for all sister projects, that will help with this?) (see also "Other ideas" below)

Proposed syntax

  • [[ws:Bombycilla|0]] - Outputs taxon hierarchy for Bombycilla - "level 0", the most basic levels: SuperKingdom, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, etc
  • [[ws:Bombycilla]] - (default) Outputs full taxon hierarchy for Bombycilla - "level 4?", includes Subregnum, Superphylum, etc:

The code that implements these links would also have to resolve the language-specific names for the taxon levels. For example, Regnum (Latin) = Kingdom (English for = Règne (French for

Other ideas

  1. A special "watch" that covers an entire taxon tree branch (e.g. An expert on mollusks could visit just the phylum Mollusca page and set this special watch which would cover any taxon page below Mollusca including Mollusca itself). --Georgeryp 19:13, 25 May 2007 (UTC)

References on/for Wikispecies




On Internet

Genera not on EOL (date submitted to EOL or posted on forum):
  1. Neotrigaster (2008-03-09) - Tazmanian(?) worms, not on ITIS or Species2000 either
  2. Diplocardia (2008-03-11) - 50+ worm species, not on ITIS but on (submitted via EOL user survey as "species" I would most like to see put on the site)
Species not on EOL (date checked)
  1. Callicebus (Callicebus) aureipalatii (2008-03-11) "Golden Monkey" - genus is on EOL, but not this species with the common name that went to the highest bidder.
  2. A few species of Myrmekiaphila (2008-05-12) as published in Dec 2007.

On Wikispecies

  • Sources
  • Progress

Format Investigations


(using 2007-04-20 dump of wikispecies: pages-meta-current.xml.bz2 aka specieswiki-20070420-pages-meta-current.xml)

Notes to self on pages containing...

  1. "dagger" - 545 (script finds zero for "†" because of utf-8 to ascii conversion bug?)
  2. "^*" - 173[1]: finished review in my sandbox (Rule: *'s only after "==tax" but before another "==" -
  3. "::: Genus:" - 718 (incl. only if .py stack=3): fixed a few, ~110 posted to Wikispecies:Done and to do/Needs templates
  4. "* Famil" - 10: reviewed all, excludes Template:'s
  5. "*Famili" - 22: reviewed all, excludes Template:'s
  6. "Interwiki" - 1,438: fixed a few (ws_has_Interwiki.txt)
  7. ":::specie" - 23,910 (case-insensitive, whitespace removed)
  8. *[[ - TBD (probable old interwiki section, e.g. *[[en:Something]]

Large lists


(An argument to put the "Taxonavigation" section below at least the "Name" section?)

  • Genera:
Taxon Description Total known # listed # missing
Formatting Date checked
Alyssum plantae ~100-170 ? >1/2 ? 2008-02-29
Coleophora moths *many* ? B-Z are all redlinks wrapping "sp" templates 2008-03-11
Dermateaceae fungi ? ~76 ~76-1 needs {{g|.. 2007-09-25
Rubiaceae plantae ~626 en.WP ~600 >60%? needs {{g|.. 2007-09
Salticidae spiders ?

  • Species:
Taxon Description Total known # listed # missing
Formatting Date checked
Acacia ~1300 sp.
Amanita ?
Ampelisca ? 181 180 2007-10-31
Araneidae (en.wikipedia link) ?
Bacillus bacteria ?
Caloptilia Lepidoptera ?
Cladonia fungi ?
Crematogaster ants ? 426 (ITIS)
(1 repeat)
423 current 2007-09
Cychrus beetles ? format at bottom?
Fannia flies ? 103 (ITIS) 102 current 2007-09
Galium plantae ? make alphabetical sections?
Hibiscus plantae ? - unformatted.
Ranunculus plantae ? ~119 ~half has templates 2007-09-25
Salamandra salamandra ? long list of synonyms
Sedum used for "green roofs" ?
Senecio ? +sp template
Uca a family of crabs ? 97 96 done 2007-11-23
Xanthoparmelia fungi ? (see user talk for what the " * " denote)

Ref urls


CheckUser Candidates


(Requests go to meta:Requests for CheckUser information)

Lycaon submitted here: meta:Requests for CheckUser information/Archives/2007/03#Wikispecies
(and some progress? - meta:User talk:Drini#CU on Species)