Antheridia of the liverwort Porella

My taxonomic interests are varied, but my knowledge is greatest when dealing with the Anthocerotophyta (hornworts), Marchantiophyta (liverworts), Pteridophyta (ferns), and with fossil plants.

See the pretty image at right that I made? I have uploaded a number of liverwort images to Commons and Wikipedia. I would upload many more images except that I don't have access to a slide scanner at present. I also wrote most of the Wikipedia pages on the Anthocerotophyta, Marchantiophyta, and Phaeophyceae, and I did major revisions and expansions of the pages on the Marsileaceae and Metzgeriales that were featured on the Main Page under "Did you know...".

I've been an admin here since May 2010. However, most of the time I'm working on the English Wikisource, so if you need to reach me quickly, leave a message on my Wikisource user page.


  • Anthocerotophyta (Jan 2011) all pages down to genus created and referenced; type species of genera added
  • Bryophyta (Feb 2011) updated all familial and suprafamilial pages (except in Hypnales)
  • Marchantiophyta (Dec 2019) updated and expanded all familial and suprafamilial pages
  • Phaeophyceae (2010) all orders created and referenced; families and genera started


Pages to synonymize
Coscinodontella - Coscinodon - Trigonodictyon - Calymperopsis - Felipponea - Haplodontium - Inouethuidium - Jaegerinopsis - Papillaria - Plagiobryum - Pseudobarbella - Porothamnium - Thamnium
former Dicranaceae: Cecalyphum - Kingiobryum - Microdus
former Brachytheciaceae: Brachytheciella - Camptothecium - Cratoneurella - Scleropodiopsis - Steerecleus - Trachybryum
former Hypnaceae: Bryosedgwickia - Dimorphella - Dolichotheca - Glossadelphus - Microthamnium - Pylaisiella
former Sematophyllaceae: Acanthocladium - Meiotheciopsis - Pterogoniella - Rhaphidorrhynchium - Rhaphidostegium
sample disambiguation : Lunularia
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