Platylepas hexastylos

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Platylepas hexastylos

Taxonavigation edit

Taxonavigation: Coronuloidea 

Superfamilia: Coronuloidea

Familia: Platylepadidae
Subfamilia: Platylepadinae
Genus: Platylepas
Species: Platylepas hexastylos

Name edit

  • Platylepas hexastylos (Fabricius, 1798): 35
    • Original genus: Lepas
    • Symbiont: embedded epibiont of sea turtles and sirenians
    • Type locality: probably Mediterranean (Pilsbry, 1916)
    • Typus: probably lost
    • Distribution: Mediterranean, tropical and subtropical seas
    • ZooBank: ACA8D1E2-2E14-49DC-8F07-6D9862F263FE

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