Wikispecies:Administradores/Revisión de Administradores

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Política de revisión de administradores


The implementation of this part of the policy is dealt with here.

As with the policy for administrator access on Meta, inactive Wikispecies administrators (including those holding bureaucrat privileges) will have their rights removed. An "inactive admin" is one who has made fewer than 5 edits and 5 admin actions on Wikispecies in the past 12 months. An "admin action" for this purpose is an action requiring use of the admin tools and which is logged as such according to Logs.

Logs that specifically show admin actions can be found at XTools: 2023, 2024. These logs will only show activities that are admin-specific; they will not list more commonplace activities such as editing taxon pages or adding comments to talk pages.

Note that if an admin places a message on the administrators' noticeboard stating that they will be away for a period of not more than 12 months and giving an intended return date, then no action should be taken over inactivity until two months after that date.

Inactividad: proceso de remoción de los privilegios administrativos a causa de inactividad

  1. A notice using the template {{De-adminship warning message}}, a de-adminship warning, must be placed on the inactive admin's talk page linking to this policy and explaining that admin rights may be lost. An email should also be sent.
  2. If there is no response from the admin requesting retention of rights as required by the notice within 30 days, the rights will be removed.
  3. If the admin responds to the notice as required but then fails to make five admin actions within the period of six months starting at the time of the notice, the rights will be removed without further notice.

Administrators who have lost admin rights through inactivity but who expect to become active again may re-apply through the regular process.

Remoción del permiso

Where an admin or a Bureaucrat looses rights a request to the stewards at Meta will be made by a local Bureaucrat for the removal of advanced rights.

El antiguo administrador o burócrata debe ser notificado por mensaje en su página de discusión.