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At the water pump is presently discussed two topics;

1.) is to follow a previous consensus and change all [[BASEPAGENAME]] into [[susbt:BASEPAGENAME]], something which already has started.

2.) is what to do with the Category: <<taxon name>> (<<any country>>) files created by Stephen Thorpe. Some 5 000 have so far been moved together at Candidates for speedy deletion, but concearn has been objected, that some of those files may be useful, in all, or that parts should be transfered somewhere, before a major mass delete. Please join the discussion at pump and take part in shaping a consensus.

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I am trying to put some pages on early mammals on af.wiki. (I'm actually Dutch) and was writing something on Pantodonts. Traditionally they have been put in an order Cimolesta (as it is here), but recent (2015) pretty extensive work (177 species or so) show that Cimolesta is not really valid as early critters like Cimolestes fall all the way outside crown-Placentalia proper en Pantodonts fall inside, in fact close to (or in) the Ferae branch of Laurasiatheria. [1] I don't know what the policy is on such things, because taxonomy is so in flux, so I don't want to mess with anything. Just thought to let you know.

Greetings Jcwf (talk) 02:07, 19 June 2017 (UTC)Reply

@Jcwf: I'm not particularly active here as of late and so I'm not familiar with the policies either. May I suggest the Wikispecies:Village Pump? Sorry for not being able to help. Aryamanarora (talk) 02:15, 19 June 2017 (UTC)Reply
  1. Resolving the relationship of Paleocene Placental mammals, Thomas J. D. Halliday, Paul Upchurch, Anjali Goswami, Biological Reviews 92(1) 2015, 521-550