Crystal Clear action run.png This account is a bot operated by Harriv.

This account is not sock puppet, but secondary account for automatic or semi-automatic fixes for articles. Please leave all comments about this bot to User talk:Harriv or send me email.

Current features of "fix species" task:

  1. Remove '*' from interwiki links
  2. Convert [[code:link|text]] IW -link to [[code:link]]
  3. Move IW links to the end of article
  4. Remove __NOTOC__
  5. Remove sections "Vernacular name[s]", "In Wikipedia" and "Interwikis" if the section has only invisible content.
  6. Remove colons from line begins at "Taxonavigation" section
  7. Detect collapsed taxotrees and tag the article with Category:Collapsed taxotree
  8. Reorder the IW links alphabetically by language name
  9. Fix redirects from IW links
  10. Check en, de, es and fr wiki for new IW links, tries also find the page if not already listed in IW links
  11. Replace "and" with "&" in Name -section

Feedback and suggestion are welcome here!