French, living in Marseille, "hard blogging scientist", maths teacher in pop zone

Newcomer in Wiki communities. So far : French wikipedia ( same username ).

interested in Open Access community and possible synergies with Wikis.

Former institutional research fellow (coral reef ecology, global warming) and concerned by the various problems due to litterature : edition and access to publications and power effects and traps.

It is a long time people try to cope with those problems and Internet is a reliable candidate, especially, the Wiki community.

I also look for :

BIG Project : building a metaHeuristic inspired model of Gaia (Lovelock model of Earth), humanity being the mainframe for Gaia's awareness of itself.

Medium Project : cope with global warming by stigmergic means before 2015 (possible Carbon bomb shooting from coral reefs).

now project : participate to free brains from school traps, institutional research traps, mainstream traps : rather surfing !

School : I and other teachers insist on devlopping collaboration over competition at school (French "Freinet movement").

Institutes : a lot of dark matter in Research exists and is able to become good piranhas. That a stub after the chat I observed. :

My blog :