Torben Bjorn Larsen

Torben Bjørn Larsen (1944–2015), Danish entomologist primarily active in India, Lebanon, and the United Kingdom.

Torben Bjorn Larsen

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1974 edit

  • Larsen, T.B., 1974. Une espèce et deux sous-espéces nouvelles de Lycaenidae du Liban. Alexanor 8(7): 301–307. Reference page
  • Larsen, T.B. 1974. Butterflies of Lebanon. Beirut. 162pp, 32 plates.

1975 edit

  • Larsen, T.B. 1975. Chromosome numbers and notes on testicular morphology of some Lebanese Rhopalocera. Entomologica Scandinavica 6:218 225.

1976 edit

1980 edit

  • Larsen, T.B. & Larsen, K. 1980. The butterflies of Oman. Bartholomew, Edinburgh.
  • Larsen, T.B. & Larsen, K. 1980. The butterflies of Oman. Bartholomew, Edinburgh
  • Larsen, T.B., Riley, J. & Cornes, M.A. 1980. The butterfly fauna of a secondary bush locality in Nigeria. Journal of Research on the Lepidoptera 18:4 23.

1982 edit

  • Larsen, T.B., 1982. The butterflies of the Yemen Arab Republic (with a review of the species in the Charaxes viola-group from Arabia and East Africa). Biologiske Skrifter, Kongelige Danske Videnskabernes Selskab 23(3): 1–85. Reference page

1983 edit

1984 edit

  • Larsen, T.B. 1984. The zoogeographical composition and distribution of Arabian butterflies (Lepidoptera; Rhopalocera). Journal of Biogeography 11: 119–158.
  • Larsen, T.B. 1984. Butterflies of Saudi Arabia and its neighbours. Stacey Intl., London.

1986 edit

  • Larsen, T.B., 1986. Notes on Afrotropical butterflies with description of five new taxa and records of extension of known ranges. Bulletin de l’Institut Fondamental de l’Afrique Noire (A) 45: 151–172. Reference page

1987 edit

  • Larsen, T.B. 1987. Biogeographical aspects of Middle Eastern and Arabian Butterflies. Proceedings of the symposium on the fauna and zoogeography of the Middle East. Beihefte zum Tübinger Atlas des vorderen Orients, A (Naturwissenschaften), nr. 28:178 199. (Krupp, F., Schneider, W, & Kinzelbach, R., eds.).
  • Larsen, T.B. 1987/1988. The butterflies of the Nilgiri mountains of southern India (Lepidoptera; Rhopalocera). Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society 84:26 54, 291 316, 560 584, ibid,85:26 43.

1990 edit

  • Larsen, T.B. 1990. The butterflies of Egypt. Apollo Books, Svendborg, Denmark.

1991 edit

  • Larsen, T.B., 1991. The Butterflies of Kenya and their Natural History. Oxford University Press, Oxford: i-xxii, 1-490. Reference page

1992 edit

  • Larsen, T.B. 1992. The butterflies of the Gemsbok National Park in Botswana (Lepidoptera Rhopalocera). Botswana Notes and Records 24:181 204.
  • Larsen, T.B. 1992. A chameleon as predator of butterflies and its avoidance of known aposematic species. Tropical Lepidoptera 3:101 104.

1994 edit

1995 edit

1996 edit

1997 edit

  • Larsen, T.B. 1997. Korup butterflies – Biodiversity writ large. Report on a butterfly study mission to Korup National Park in Cameroun during January and February 1997. Report to WWF and Korup National Park 1–69.
  • Hecq, J. & Larsen, T.B. 1997: New butterflies from the Okomu nature sanctuary in Nigeria (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae). Lambillionea 97(1) (Tome II): 101–104. Reference page
  • Larsen, T.B. 1997. Uranothauma belcastroi, a new west African submontane butterfly (Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae). Lambillionea 97(1) (TomeI): 5-6. Reference page
  • Larsen, T.B. 1997a. A revision of the Hypolycaena lebona group of African Lycaenidae (Lepidoptera), with description of two new species and one new subspecies. Metamorphosis 6: 172–182. Reference page

1998 edit

2000 edit

2001 edit

  • Larsen, T.B. 2001. The butterflies of Ankasa/Nini-Suhien and Bia protected area systems in western Ghana. Protected Areas Development Programme. UGL/Ghana Wildlife Department. 62pp.

2002 edit

  • Larsen, T.B. 2002. The butterflies of Delhi, India – an annotated check-list. Esperiana 9:459-479.

2003 edit

2004 edit

  • Larsen, T.B. 2004. Butterflies of Bangladesh – an annotated checklist. IUCN, Bangladesh. 158pp, 8 colour plates.
  • Larsen, T.B. 2004. Hazards of butterfly collecting. Cravitz Printing Co. Ltd

2005 edit

  • Larsen, T.B. 2005. Butterflies of West Africa. 2 vols, Apollo Books, Svendborg, Denmark: 1–595, 1–270. Reference page
  • Larsen, T.B., Luong Van Hao, & Do Van Lap, 2005. Butterfly diversity in Cuc Phuong National Park, VietNam. Biodiversity 6:3-14.
  • Collins, S.C. & Larsen, T.B. 2005. New species and subspecies of African butterflies. pp.547–560. In Larsen, T.B. 2005. Butterflies of West Africa. Apollo Books, Denmark: pp. 1–595, figs. 1–270. Reference page

2006 edit

  • Pittaway, A.R., Larsen, T.B., Legrain, A., Majer, J., Weidenhoffer, Z. & Gillet, M. 2006. The establishment of an American butterfly in the Arabian Gulf: Brephidium exilis (Boisduval, 1852) (Lycaenidae). Nota Lepidopterologica 29: 3–14.
  • Larsen, T.B. 2006. The Ghana butterfly fauna and its contribution to the objectives of the protected areas system. WDSP Report no. 63. Wildlife Division (Forestry Commission) & IUCN (World Conservation Union). 207pp.

2007 edit

  • Larsen, T.B., Aduse-Poku, K., Boersma, H., Sáfián, Sz., & Baker, J. 2007. Bobiri Butterfly Sanctuary in Ghana: discovering its butterflies (with a checklist of the 930 butterflies of Ghana). Metamorphosis 18: 88–125.

2008 edit

  • Belcastro, C. & Larsen, T.B. 2008, in Klop, E., Lindsell, J. & Siaka, A. 2008. Chapter 5 – Butterflies. in Biodiversity of Gola Forest, Sierra Leone. A survey of Gola’s mammals, birds, butterflies, dragonflies and damselflies, trees and non-woody plants forest structure. Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, Conservation Society of Sierra Leone, Government of Sierra Leone.
  • Larsen, T.B. 2008. Forest butterflies in West Africa have resisted extinction … so far (Lepidoptera: Papilionoidea and Hesperioidea). Biodiversity and Conservation 17: 2833–2847.
  • Collins, S.C. & Larsen, T.B. 2008. Eighteen new species, five new subspecies, and interesting data on other African butterflies – Fourth ABRI research paper. Metamorphosis 19(2): 42–113. Abstract and PDF download. Reference page

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