William Harry Evans

William Harry Evans (1876–1956), English entomologist (Lepidoptera)

Active in India.

Brigadier William Harry Evans, CSI CIE DSO, was born on 22nd July, 1876, at Shillong, Assam, the third son of General Sir Horace Moule Evans KCB. At the age of eighteen he joined the Royal Engineers. He was posted East in 1898, and in that year he was already collecting butterflies in Chitra! His final post was with Western Command at Quetta as Chief Engineer. Stoically, as was so very characteristic of him, he put in a full day's work daily at the Museum throughout the war, at a window facing south on to Cromwell Road, where one morning he was caught in the explosion of a German Vl rocket bomb which burst on the roadway about 100 yards away. Cut, bruised, badly shaken and with his hearing seriously affected (permanently, as it later transpired), his only complaint was of the loss of the specimens he had been examining, and of which nothing remained but the pins and labels. However, within hours he was at work again, though it was little short of a miracle that he was not killed. His task was to complete the Revision of the Hesperiidae of the World, as he so often said "before he died". Often, during his last few years, we wondered, as he did, whether death would win, but the victory was his. For more see his obituary in The Lepidopterists' News.

Author abbreviation: W.H. Evans

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  • Evans, W.H. 1934. Indo-Australian Hesperiidae: descriptions of new genera, species and subspecies (1-5). The Entomologist 67(2): (1) 33-36; (3) 61-65; (7) 141-151; (8) 181-184; (9) 206-209; (10) 231-234. Reference page

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  • Evans, W.H., 1943. Revision of the Genus Suastus Moore (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae). Proceedings of the Royal entomological Society of London (B)12(7/8): 95–96. Reference page
  • Evans, W.H.., 1943. Revision of the Genus Aeromachus de N. (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae). Proceedings of the Royal entomological Society of London (B)12(7/8): 97–101. Reference page

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  • Evans, W.H. 1953. A note on the Indian species of the genus Lycaenopsis Felder (Lepidoptera–Lycaenidae). J. Bombay nat. Hist. Soc. 51(3): 755. BHL. Reference page

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  • Evans, W.H. 1954-1955. A revision of the genus Curetis. Entomologist 87: 190–194, 212–216, 241–247, 13 figs. Reference page

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