T. Colin E. Congdon

T. Colin E. Congdon Kenyan entomologist

  • African Butterfly Research Institute (ABRI), P.O. Box 14308, Nairobi, Kenya

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1998 edit

  • Congdon, C. & Collins, S. 1998. Kielland’s butterflies of Tanzania. Supplement. African Butterfly Research Institute & Union des Entomologistes Belges, Nairobi & Tervuren, 143 pp. Reference page

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2012 edit

  • Larsen, T.B.; Congdon, T.C.E. 2012: The genus Ampittia in Africa with the description of a new species (Hesperiinae; Aeromachini) and three new species in the genera Andronymus and Chondrolepis (Hesperiinae, incertae sedis) (Lepidoptera; Hesperiidae). Zootaxa 3322: 49–62. Preview. Reference page

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