A template for taxa listed in the World Register of Marine Species, related (sub)projects and The European Register of Marine Species.

Usage edit

Use as {{WoRMS|1|2|3|4}} or {{WoRMS|id=|db=|name=|accessdate=}}


  • the 1st (or db) (optional): a short name for a certain project (commonly, a name of a directory appended to the base URL 'www.marinespecies.org/', e.g. 'asteroidea' in the case of the World Asteroidea Database, which is accessed via 'www.marinespecies.org/asteroidea'). If this parameter is blank, a link to WoRMS itself is constructed. A full list of supported databases is shown below.
  • the 2nd (or id) (mandatory): AphiaID for the desired taxon
  • the 3rd (or name) (optional): a parameter for the taxon name:
    • by default with this param empty and {{PAGENAME}} is used as taxon name
    • i value forces italicization of {{PAGENAME}}
    • other values are recognized as an explicit taxon name (wiki is allowed)
  • the 4th (or accessdate) (optional): date of access


For the page, say, Calanus we should obtain:

  • with {{WoRMS|copepoda|104152|Calanus Leach, 1816|November 16, 2017}} or {{WoRMS|id=104152|db=copepoda|name=Calanus Leach, 1816|accessdate=November 16, 2017}}
  • Calanus Leach, 1816 in the World of Copepods, accessed on November 16, 2017

Supported databases edit

Database code (the 1st (db) parameter) Database reference Database scope
(empty parameter) World Register of Marine Species world
arms Arctic Register of Marine Species regional
ascidiacea Ascidiacea World Database world
asteroidea World Asteroidea Database world
berms Belgian Register of Marine Species regional
brachiopoda Brachiopoda World Database world
carms Canadian Register of Marine Species regional
cetacea World Cetacea Database world
copepoda World of Copepods world
cumacea Cumacea World Database world
echinoidea World Echinoidea Database world
erms European Register of Marine Species regional
hab IOC-UNESCO world Reference List of Harmful Micro Algae world
hemichordata Hemichordata World Database world
hydrozoa World Hydrozoa Database world
isopoda World List of Marine Freshwater and Terrestrial Isopod Crustaceans world
mangroves Mangrove Reference Database and Herbarium world
mollusca MolluscaBase world
(littoral only)
World Database of Littoral Myriapoda world
ophiuroidea World Ophiuroidea Database world
phoronida Phoronida World Database world
placozoa Placozoa Database world
porifera World Porifera Database world
pycnobase Pycnobase: World Pycnogonida Database world
remipedia World Remipedia Database world
(for Proseriata and Kalyptorhynchia)
World Database of Proseriata and Kalyptorhynchia world
urmo UNESCO IOC Register of Marine Organisms world