What is an importer? edit

An importer is a user with import rights, generally speaking.

On Wikimedia wikis, there are two kinds of importers:

  • transwiki importers can perform only transwiki import (import permission)[1]
  • importers can perform both transwiki and upload import (import and importupload permissions).

Import is a rarely needed feature; for instance, it's not needed for CC-BY-SA copyright compliance, see Terms of use.

These flags are enabled on all wikis,[2] but can be assigned only by stewards after a request on m:Steward requests/Permissions (especially the import flag which includes the importupload right which is particularly dangerous) and only on a temporary basis for a specific task, unless the project has a local process and policy to assign permanent import rights.

List of Importers edit

There are currently 0 importers on Wikispecies. A current list can be found at Special:ListUsers/import.

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Notes edit

  1. Besides transwiki importers, the "import" userright is assigned by default to administrators on all MediaWiki projects (except closed wikis).
  2. Although transwiki import may require requesting wiki configuration changes to enable import from the wiki you're interested in (import source).