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Trần Nguyễn Minh Huy
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About me

Hello, my real name is Trần Nguyễn Minh Huy (with "Minh Huy" as my given name). I'm from Japan, but I was born in Vietnam. In addition to my volunteer work in non-profit Wikimedia projects, I also support the associations of the Wikimedia movement in Japan and Vietnam. Currently, I am working for a culture and labor company. I adore the culture of Japan and all other aspects of this country (thus, I am a follower of anime, manga, and various pop culture, meaning I am an "otaku"). I also love studying historical wars (especially World War II) and Japanese literature. I'm quite harmonious and peaceful, so please don't hesitate to talk to me if you need anything.

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My work

I'm an administrator on the Vietnamese Wikipedia and Vietnamese Wiktionary; Vietnamese Wikipedia is my home wiki, where I have made over 60,000 contributions. My main tasks are anti-vandalism, answering users' questions, and helping newcomers get acquainted with Wikipedia's policies and guidelines. I particularly focus on patrolling photos/images, including non-free content, and have a good understanding of Wikimedia's EDP. I regularly support other Vietnamese sister projects and have served as a temporary administrator on Vietnamese Wikiquote and Vietnamese Wikibooks.

I'm a very active member in cross-wiki issues/tasks, mainly contributing to Vietnamese translation for multilingual projects, such as Meta. I actively support the Wikimedia movement worldwide, both online and offline. For online work, I promote WMF in many Internet places and help clean up redundant content on Wikimedia's backstage projects. For offline work, I introduce Wikipedia at universities in Japan and help foster community connections in this region. I also translate the MediaWiki software interface on I have an account on the Foundation wiki and used to be a member of the Response Team (VRT).

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