Hi, My name is Tony Rees from Australia. Among other things I am the creator and still part time maintainer of the IRMNG (Interim Register of Marine and Nonmarine Genera) database which aspires to collect all published generic names for all groups into a single, searchable and downloadable format: for more details and online access see http://www.irmng.org. IRMNG takes up most of my available time for such activities, I but occasionally contribute to Wikispecies to participate in discussions, correct errors or add a little additional information. Over on Wikipedia, I mainly contribute on non-biological subjects; for more information about my Wikipedia activities please see my Wikipedia user page. If needed, I can be contacted directly via Tony.Rees (at) marinespecies.org .

Subpages edit

IRMNG as a data source for Wikispecies, etc. edit

IRMNG exists in both "static" (data dump/snapshot) and dynamic (most recently updated) versions. To date, static versions are released approximately annually and are available via http://www.irmng.org/download.php . A recent (March 2020) release contains the following:

  • 521,043 records (1 for each taxonomic name instance held) (up from 517,796 in 2019) of which 492,620 are genera (up from 490,095), 24,032 are families (up from 23,522) and the remainder are higher ranks.

Numbers of genera by status ("taxonomicStatus"):

  • 232,093 "accepted" genera
  • 121,389 "unaccepted" genera
  • 131,676 "uncertain" genera - mainly these are unassessed at present (will comprise a mix of eventual accepted, unaccepted, or other)
  • plus a small number of genera of other status (e.g. interim unpublished, nomen dubium, nomen nudum, taxon inquirendum, temporary name)

Notes on my present methodology, plus links to generate lists of names added to the dynamic (live) version since 1 March 2019 are available via my Sandbox.

For other discussions relevant to ongoing content additions or ad hoc modifications, please see my user talk page.