Hi, I'm getting tired of writing these. At any rate, I'm a very eccentric person to say the least, and I think the only reason that I haven't run into more trouble on wikis is because I edit in bursts. I'll edit a number of pages for a week, then vanish for months, just the way I am. Not really a committed wikipedian.

I also have an opinion about everything, even if my opinion is just that the (non)issue is utterly irrelevant.

I've decided to go more about being bold. I used to try to avoid offense, because I get so easily offended, but I've given it up. I've found that generally the backlash that I fear fo my actions seems to be nonexistent, and if there is a problem, well, that's what the conflict resolution process is for. Remember, the first step is to bering it up politely with me. If I happen not to be on, I have an email address.

I have one pet sun conure and two peach-faced lovebirds, which I do consider to be aviculture, even though I don't breed them.

I also have way too many things to occupy my time, few of which are either useful in the grand scheme of having enough money to retire so that I can sit around wishing I hadn't put so much effort into making money after all, nor seeing that I live long enough for it to be an issue (Occasional walking is the real exception.)

I'm 16, almost 17, and currently a Junior in high school. I don't suppose that I have anything else to say right now. Or rather, I have quite a lot to say, and I dunno what to say next.