OhanaBot is a manually assisted AWB (AutoWikiBrowser) bot. If you have any concerns, please direct them to OhanaUnited's talk page.

Currently the bot is down and re-activated when needed only by OhanaUnited. If the bot is malfunctioning while it's doing its job, please block it.


  • Remove __NOTOC__
  • Remove bullet points in front of interwiki links
  • Remove |right| in images
  • Rearrange interwiki in alphabetical order
  • Replace underline in image names with space
  • Replace   with space
  • Performs some minor corrections defined in default by AWB

Known problemsEdit

The following is a list of items that this bot cannot do (or doesn't do it properly) due to AWB limitations. An example is given following the explanation of the nature

  • Does not rearrange sections [1]
  • Sometimes doesn't remove all indents in taxonavigation section [2]
  • Does not add page break (<br>) [3]
  • Does not recognize that genus or species names needs to be in italic
  • Does not add bullet to the front of each reference [4]

Resolved problemsEdit

  • Does not have the ability to identify the main page of other languages and cannot exempt them from doing maintenance [5]
    •   Done The workaround is to use full-protect function so that the bot cannot touch those pages. But this is just a workaround and does not fully fix this problem.