User:Kempm/Request For Change II followup

The transition to the new taxonavigation system has been in progress for over a week now. All templates have now adopted the new look, and in the progress a fine net of linked templates have been created. Most higher taxa should have a template now. We only need to make sure the actual content is going to use it.

Also a new help section has been put into place at Help:Contents.

ST47 is using a bot to remove all colons from Wikispecies pages, and soon we should be colon-free.

There's a lot to be done to the actual content still though, and more decisions need to be taken.

A few issues have arisen, and ideas have been brought up over the past few weeks. I'd like to put links here to the ideas and discussions, and make a few further proposals.

As can be seen, these are a lot of ideas. I don't expect decissions to be taken and like to propose something new. Weekly or monthly votings, in an attempt to 'force' decissions. So every week or month put something up for voting.

The number of pages that don't use templates throughout, is a little disappointing to me, and as a result, there are probably too many pages to update manually. I would therefore like to make a slightly new proposal. Lycaon already has this partially in use: Template:Tropicaprella

  1. Continue removing all colons from pages (per bot)
  2. Until then we put as many templates into place as possible
  3. Let a bot run over all pages and put * before all taxon levels.

A bot proposal would look something like:

Superregnum: -> * Superregnum:

Regnum: -> * Regnum:

Subregnum: -> * Subregnum:


Species: -> * Species:

Subspecies: -> * Subspecies:


I would like to add further replacements to this bot:

==Vernacular Name== -> ==Vernacular names==

== Vernacular Names == -> ==Vernaculare names==

==Vernacular name== -> ==Vernacular names==

== Vernacular name == -> ==Vernacular names==

==Interwiki== -> ==Vernacular names==

==Interwikis== -> ==Vernacular names==

==Inrerwiki== -> ==Vernacular names==

==Inrerwikis== -> ==Vernacular names==

(Following discussion at Help_talk:Vernacular_names_section I would like to keep the name Vernacular names over Interwiki)

==Taxonavigation== ->

== Taxonavigation == ->

__NOTOC__ ->

Remove these entries and add them to the top level templates. NOTOC is already added to the toplevel templates. During our update I removed ==Taxonavigation== a few times that was coded into templates. Therefore this proposal should solve pages having no such header.

Finally I'm looking into a way to validate pages, by a bot. If a bot could tag a page that doesn't meet our criteria then perhaps a category can be added. So we only need to go through this list to solve our issues.

Comments edit

I think pages are better without star list. I don't like the way list are showed. The style what are used now is the best. – linnea (talk) 20:47, 25 December 2006 (UTC)

I do NOT like the star lists either. Totipotent 21:25, 29 December 2006 (UTC)