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My name is Alan Cassidy. I am an amateur entomologist with a special interest in Lycaenidae from SE Asia. In the '80s I made severall field expeditions with specialists from the RESL and BMNH, including Phase 1 of Project Wallace to Northern Sulawesi in 1985.

I have published a few taxonomic papers in my specialist area including some treatments of Lycaenid groups based on material from Project Wallace.

I maintain a reference collection at home and hope to continue to help with the establishment in taxonomic websites to aid future researchers and all those interested in our favourite creatures. As I approach retirement from full-time occupation, I hope to spend more time building these web resources over the next few years.



I am currently an administrator here at Wikispecies (13,078 pages created and 77,525 page edits).

I have been concentrating primarily on the Oriental Polyommatini, which are now treated fairly exhaustively. The Palaearctic and African genera are being worked on, but only to generic, species-list, level. I have also completed the Oriental Miletini and Poritiini to subspecies. I have done little in the Oriental Luciini but have started on the Theclini, and have completed revising the complex genus Arhopala Boisduval to species, or in some cases subspecies, level. I have now dealt with the remaining Genera of the Arhopalini and have since then worked on Aphnaeini, Cheritrini and Deudorigini before moving on to the Iolaini. This latter group now being largely complete, I have spread a little into the Holarctic Polyommatini, but must now do more work on the Oriental Luciini, especially Hypochrysops - pretty well complete as at 2 March 2014 - Philiris and allied genera. At May 2014 have mostly finished for now with Ogyris and moving to doing something with the Afrotropical Oxylidini. As 2014 draws to a close, I am reviewing many of my contributions from a few years ago, updating formats and using more Templates where these are appropriate, and have also made contributions to the African Aphnaeini. Most of my recent attention has been to Global Hesperiidae, where a lot of more recent taxonomic work has been published by Lamas, and others. There is still quite a volume of work here to bring more data into the project. Accassidy (talk) 21:35, 10 June 2016 (UTC)

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