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UCB University of California Berkeley

  • Location: Berkeley, CA 94720, USA.

UCB Natural history museums Edit

Essig Museum of Entomology Edit

  • Collections acronym: EME
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Essig Museum Website
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Museum of Paleontology Edit

  • Associated publications:
  • Collections acronym: UCMP
Invertebrate paleontology
Invertebrate paleontology page
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Microfossil page
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Paleobotany page
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Vertebrate paleontology
Vertebrate paleontology page
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UCMP Website
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Museum of Vertebrate Zoology Edit

  • Collections acronym: MVZ Additional prefixes:
MVZ:Bird; Ornithology
MVZ:Herp; Amphibians and reptiles
MVZ:Mamm; Mammalia
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MVZ Website
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