Timothy D. O’Hara

Timothy D. O’Hara, Australian echinodermologist.

  • Museum Victoria, GPO Box 666E, Melbourne, 3001, Australia

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  • O’Loughlin, P.M., Bardsley, T.M., O’Hara, T.D. 1994. A preliminary analysis of diversity and distribution of Holothurioidea from Prydz Bay and the MacRobertson Shelf, eastern Antarctica. p. 549-555. In Guille, D.B., J.P. Feral & M. Roux (eds.) Echinoderms Through Time. Proceedings of the Eighth International Echinoderm Conference, Dijon, France. A.A. Balkema Press, Rotterdam.

1998 edit

  • O’Hara, T.D. 1998. Origin of Macquarie Island echinoderms. Polar Biology. 20(2): 143–151. DOI: 10.1007/s003000050289  
  • O’Hara, T.D. 1998. Ophiuroids from the Tasmanian seamounts. Pp. 81-102 in Koslow, J. A. & Gowlett-Holmes, K. (eds). The seamount fauna of southern Tasmania: benthic communities, their conservation and impacts of trawling. Final report to Environment Australia and The Fisheries Research Development Corporation. CSIRO Marine Research: Hobart.

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