Seiichi Irimura, Japanese zoologist.

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1968 edit

1979 edit

  • Irimura, S. 1979. Ophiuroidea of Sado Island, the Sea of Japan. Annual Report of the Sado Marine Biological Station, Niigata University. 9: 1–6. Reference page

1981 edit

1982 edit

  • Irimura, S. 1982. The brittle-stars of Sagami Bay. 1-95, 1-47. Biological laboratory Imperial Household: Japan Reference page

1990 edit

  • Irimura, S. 1990. Ophiuroidea. In: Echinoderms from Continental Shelf and Slope around Japan Vol. I, pp. 65–100. Japan Fisheries Resource Conservation Association, Tokyo.Reference page

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2005 edit

  • Fujita, T., Irimura, S. 2005. Ophiuroids (Echinodermata) collected by R/V Yoko-Maru off southwestern Japan in the East China Sea. National Science Museum Monographs. 29: 357–384. Reference page

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