Nikita Julievich Kluge

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Nikita Julievich Kluge, Russian entomologist.

русский: Никита Юлиевич Клюге
  • Department of Entomology, St. Petersburg State University, Universitetskaya nab., 7/9, St. Petersburg 199034, Russia

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1993 edit

  • Kluge, N.J. 1993. New data on mayflies (Ephemeroptera) from Mesozoic and Cenozoic resins.
  • Kluge, N.J. 1993. Revision of genera of the family Heptageniidae (Ephemeroptera). II. Phylogeny. Entomologicheskoe Obozrenie.

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2000 edit

  • Kluge, N.J. 2000. Современная систематика насекомых. Часть I. Принципы систематики живых организмов и общая система насекомых с классификацией первичнобескрылых и древнекрылых [Modern systematics of insects. Part I. Principles of systematics of living organisms and general system of insects with classification of primary wingless and paleopterous insects]. Lan', S-Petersburg, 336 pp. (in Russian). Online.

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