Victor Ivanovich Motschulsky

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Victor Ivanovich Motschulsky (April 11, 1810 in St. Petersburg – June 5, 1871 in Moscow), Russian entomologist.

Victor Ivanovich Motschulsky

Also known as Victor von Motschulsky and Victor de Motschulsky, surname also spelled as Motschoulsky or Mochulsky. Some works published under the pseudonym T. Victor (due to disputes with editors, who subsequently refused to publish his work).

русский: Виктор Иванович Мочульский
français: Viktor Ivanovitch Motchoulski
Deutsch: Wiktor Iwanowitsch Motschulski
čeština: Viktor Ivanovič Močulskij
slovenčina: Viktor Ivanovič Močuľskij

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  • Motschulsky, V.I. 1856. Études d'Entomologie. Imprimerie de la Société de Littérature Finnoise, Helsingfors. 88 pp.

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