Kirill Glebovich Mikhailov

Kirill Glebovich Mikhailov (29 July 1961 –), Russian (Soviet) zoologist, and arachnologist.

русский: Кирилл Глебович Михайлов

Author abbreviation: K.G.Mikhailov

  • MGU Museum of Zoology, Moscow

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1986 edit

  • Mikhailov, K.G. 1986. New species of spiders from the families Clubionidae and Liocranidae from the middle Asia and the Caucasus. Zoologicheskiĭ Zhurnal 65: 798-802 (in Russian). Reference page
  • Mikhailo, K.G.v & Fet, V.Y. 1986. Contribution to the spider fauna (Aranei) of Turkmenia. I. Families Anyphaenidae, Sparassidae, Zoridae, Clubionidae, Micariidae, Oxyopidae]. Sborník Trudov Zoologicheskogo Muzeya MGU, Moscow State University 24: 168-186. Reference page

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1994 edit

  • Mikhailo, K.G.v & Fet, V.Y. 1994. Fauna and zoogeography of spiders (Aranei) of Turkmenistan. In: V. Fet & K. I. Atamuradov (eds.) Biogeography and Ecology of Turkmenistan. Kluwer Academic Publisher Netherlands, 499-524. Reference page

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