Michael D. Darby

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Michael Darby, entomologist (Coleoptera).

Department of Life Sciences, Natural History Museum, London SW7 5BD, UK.

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  • Darby, M.D. 2018a. Studies of Ptiliidae (Coleoptera) in the spirit collection in the Natural History Museum London 2: New species and records from P. Hammond’s visit to New Zealand in 1983–84. Entomologists’s Monthly Magazine 154(3): 179–196. DOI: 10.31184/M00138908.1543.3924.  . Reference page
  • Darby, M.D. 2018b. New records and species of Ecuadorian featherwing beetles including a new monotypic genus Americoptilium n. gen. and a new species of Phytotelmatrichis inhabiting the phytotelmata of Heliconia plants (Coleoptera, Ptiliidae). Entomologische Blätter und Coleoptera 114: 151–166. Reference page

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