Taxonavigation edit

Superregnum: Archaea
Phylum: Euryarchaeota
Classis: Methanomicrobia
Ordo: Methanomicrobiales
Familia: Methanocalculaceae
Genus: Methanocalculus
Species: Methanocalculus alkaliphilus – Methanocalculus chunghsingensis – Methanocalculus halotolerans – Methanocalculus natronophilus – Methanocalculus pumilus – Methanocalculus taiwanensis

Name edit

Methanocalculus Ollivier et al., 1998

Type species: Methanocalculus halotolerans Ollivier et al., 1998

References edit

  • Mei-Chin Lai, Chih-Chien Lin, Ping-Hung Yu, Yi-Feng Huang and Sheng-Chung Chen: Methanocalculus chunghsingensis sp. nov., isolated from an estuary and a marine fishpond in Taiwan. Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 54: 183–189 [1]

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