Ingvar Kärnefelt

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Jan Eric Ingvar Kärnefelt (born 1944), Swedish lichenologist.

IPNI standard form: Kärnefelt

Director of the Botanical Museum
Professor in Plant Ecology and Systematics, Lund University, Lund, Sweden

Prof. Ingvar Kärnefelt, Östra Vallgatan 18, S-22361 Lund, Sweden

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Ingvar Kärnefelt 65 years – a birthday tribute edit

On the 11 August 2009, Prof. Ingvar Kärnefelt's 65th birthday was celebrated with an issue of The Lichenologist (41 (5): 453–559, 2009) which included contributions from all of his past and present PhD students in lichenology. The issue, edited by Ulf Arup at the Biological Museums, begins with a presentation of Ingvar's lichenological activities, paying particular attention to his preferred studies on the taxonomy of the families Parmeliaceae and Teloschistaceae. During the day, his students made presentations on their recent scientific work, and the celebrations continued through to the evening when all adjourned to spend an enjoyable time in a restaurant in central Lund. [1]

  • Ulf Arup, Stefan Ekman, Lars Fröberg, Patrik Frödén, Tommy Knutsson, Håkan Lättman, Louise Lindblom, Jan-Eric Mattsson, Arne Thell and Martin Westberg Professor Ingvar Kärnefelt – a birthday tribute. The Lichenologist 41(5): 453–456. (doi:10.1017/S0024282909990181)
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