Jörg Peine (born 1961), lichenologist

IPNI standard form: Peine

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  • Peine, J. & Werner, B. 1995. Follmaniella scutellata gen. et sp. nov., a genus and species of Roccellaceae (Opegraphales) from the Atacama Desert, north Chile, South America. pp 287–299. In: Daniëls, F.J.A., Schulz, M. & Peine, J. (eds.): Flechten Follmann: Contributions to Lichenology in Honour of Gerhard Follmann Cologne: Geobotanical and Phytotaxonomical Study Group, Botanical Institute, University of Cologne. Reference page
  • Follmann, G. & Peine, J. 1999. Camanchaca, a new genus of Roccellaceae (Arthoniales, Loculoascomycetidae) from the Atacama Desert, North Chile, South America. The Journal of the Hattori Botanical Laboratory 87: 259–276. DOI: 10.18968/jhbl.87.0_259  . Reference page
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