Eli Greenbaum, U.S. herpetologist.

  • Associate Professor of Evolutionary Genetics in the Department of Biological Sciences at UTEP, Texas, United States
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  • Eli Greenbaum, Frank Portillo, Chifundera Kusamba, 2012: Systematics of the poorly known treefrog Leptopelis fiziensis (Anura: Arthroleptidae), with a description of its call. African journal of herpetology, 61(2), 113-127.
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  • Greenbaum, E., U. Sinsch, E. Lehr, F. Valdez, and C. Kusamba. 2013: Phylogeography of the reed frog Hyperolius castaneus (Anura: Hyperoliidae) from the Albertine Rift of Central Africa: Implications for taxonomy, biogeography and conservation. Zootaxa 3731: 473–494.





















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