David C. Blackburn

David C. Blackburn, American herpetologist.

  • Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611.

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2003 edit

  • Sidor, C.A., D.C. Blackburn, and B. Gado. 2003. The vertebrate fauna of the Upper Permian of Niger—II. Preliminary description of a new pareiasaur. Palaeontologia Africana 39: 45–52.

2005 edit

  • Blackburn, D.C. 2005. Cardioglossa liberiensis Barbour & Loveridge 1927 is a junior synonym of Phrynobatrachus fraterculus (Chabanaud 1921). African Journal of Herpetology 54: 171–179.

2006 edit

  • Blackburn, D.C. and C.S. Moreau. 2006. Ontogenetic diet change in the arthroleptid frog Schoutedenella xenodactyloides. Journal of Herpetology 40: 388–394.
  • Harzsch, S., K. Vilpoux, D.C. Blackburn, D. Platchetzki, N. Brown, R. Melzer, K. Kempler, and B. Battelle. 2006. Evolution of arthropod visual systems: development of the eyes and central visual pathways in the horseshoe crab Limulus polyphemus Linnaeus, 1758 (Chelicerata, Xiphosura). Developmental Dynamics 235: 2641–2655.

2007 edit

  • Jackson, K. and D.C. Blackburn. 2007. The amphibians and reptiles of Nouabale-Ndoki National Park, Republic of Congo (Brazzaville). Salamandra 43: 149–164.

2008 edit

  • Blackburn, D.C. 2008. A new species of Cardioglossa (Amphibia: Anura: Arthroleptidae) endemic to Mount Manengouba in the Republic of Cameroon, with an analysis of morphological diversity in the genus. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 154: 611–630.
  • Blackburn, D.C. 2008. Biogeography and evolution of body size and life history of African frogs: phylogeny of squeakers (Arthroleptis) and long-fingered frogs (Cardioglossa) estimated from mitochondrial data. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 49: 806–826.
  • Blackburn, D.C., K.W. Conley, D.C. Plachetzki, K. Kempler, B.-A. Battelle, and N.L. Brown. 2008. Isolation and expression of Pax6 and atonal homologues in the American Horseshoe Crab, Limulus polyphemus. Developmental Dynamics 237: 2209–2219.
  • Blackburn, D.C., J. Hanken, and F.A. Jenkins, Jr. 2008. Concealed weapons: erectile claws in African frogs. Biology Letters 4: 355–357.
  • Blackburn, D.C., J. Kosuch, A. Schmitz, M. Burger, P. Wagner, L.N. Gonwouo, A. Hillers, and M.-O. Rödel. 2008. A new species of Cardioglossa (Anura: Arthroleptidae) from the Upper Guinean Forests of West Africa. Copeia 2008: 603–612.
  • Zimkus, B.M. and D.C. Blackburn. 2008. Distinguishing features of the sub-Saharan frog genera Arthroleptis and Phrynobatrachus: a short guide for field and museum-based researchers. Breviora (Museum of Comparative Zoology) 513: 1–12.
  • Zimmerman, J., M. Hajibabaei, D.C. Blackburn, J. Hanken, E. Cantin, J. Posfai, and T.C. Evans, Jr. 2008. DNA damage in preserved specimens and tissue samples: a molecular assessment. Frontiers in Zoology 5: 18.

2009 edit

  • Blackburn, D.C. 2009. Description and phylogenetic relationships of two new species of miniature Arthroleptis (Anura: Arthroleptidae) from the Eastern Arc Mountains of Tanzania. Breviora (Museum of Comparative Zoology) 517: 1–17.
  • Blackburn, D.C. 2009. Diversity and evolution of male secondary sexual characters in African squeakers and long-fingered frogs. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 96: 553–573.
  • Blackburn, D.C., Gonwouo, L.N., Ernst, R. & Rödel, M.-O. 2009. A new squeaker frog (Arthroleptidae: Arthroleptis) from the Cameroon volcanic line with redescriptions of Arthroleptis adolfifriederici Nieden, 1911 "1910" and A. variabilis Matschie, 1893. Breviora 515(1): 1–22. DOI: 10.3099/0006-9698-515.1.1 Reference page
  • Blackburn, D.C., and G.J. Measey. 2009. Dispersal to or from an African biodiversity hotspot? Molecular Ecology 18: 1904–1915.
  • Riesenberg, A.N., T.T. Le, M.I. Willardsen, D.C. Blackburn, M.L. Vetter, and N.L. Brown. 2009. Pax6 regulation of Math5 during mouse retinal neurogenesis. genesis 47: 175–187.

2010 edit

  • Blackburn, D.C. 2010. A new puddle frog (Phrynobatrachidae: Phrynobatrachus) from the Mambilla Plateau in Eastern Nigeria. African Journal of Herpetology 59: 33–52.
  • Blackburn, D.C. 2010. A new squeaker frog (Arthroleptidae: Arthroleptis) from Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea. Herpetologica 66: 320–334.
  • Blackburn, D.C., D.P. Bickford, A.C. Diesmos, D.T. Iskandar, and R.M. Brown. 2010. An ancient origin for the enigmatic Flat-Headed Frogs (Bombinatoridae: Barbourula) from the islands of Southeast Asia. PLoS ONE 5: e12090.
  • Blackburn, D.C., B.J. Evans, A.P. Pessier, and V.T. Vredenburg. 2010. An enigmatic mortality event in the only population of the Critically Endangered Cameroonian frog Xenopus longipes. African Journal of Herpetology 59: 111–122.
  • Blackburn, D.C., Gvoždík, V. & Leaché, A.D. 2010. A new squeaker frog (Arthroleptidae: Arthroleptis) from the mountains of Cameroon and Nigeria. Herpetologica 66(3): 335–348. DOI: 10.1655/HERPETOLOGICA-D-10-00015.1 Reference page
  • Jackson, K., and D.C. Blackburn. 2010. Results of a survey of amphibians and reptiles at degraded sites near Pointe Noire, Kouilou Region, Republic of Congo. Herpetological Conservation and Biology 5: 414–429.
  • Martin, J.L., D.C. Blackburn, and E.O. Wiley. 2010. Are node-based and stem-based clades equivalent? Insights from graph theory. PLoS Currents: Tree of Life. Online.

2011 edit

  • Blackburn, D.C., and M. Beier. 2011. “Xenopus paratropicalis” is not a valid name. Zootaxa 3035: 57–58.
  • Blackburn, D.C., and M.-O. Rödel. 2011. A new puddle frog (Phrynobatrachidae: Phrynobatrachus) from the Obudu Plateau in eastern Nigeria. Herpetologica 67: 271–287.
  • Blackburn, D.C. & Wake, D.B. 2011. Class Amphibia Gray, 1825. Pp 39–55 In Zhang, Z.-Q. (ed.) 2011. Animal biodiversity: an outline of higher-level classification and survey of taxonomic richness. Zootaxa 3148: 1–237. Open access. Reference pageReference page
  • Duellman, W.E., A. Catenazzi, and D.C. Blackburn. 2011. A new species of marsupial frog (Anura: Hemiphractidae: Gastrotheca) from the Andes of southern Peru. Zootaxa 3095: 1–14.
  • Duellman, W.E., K.-H. Jungfer, and D.C. Blackburn. 2011. The phylogenetic relationship of geographically separated “Flectonotus” (Anura: Hemiphractidae), as revealed by molecular, behavioral, and morphological data. Phyllomedusa 10: 15–29.
  • Loader, S.P., J.C. Poynton, L.P. Lawson, D.C. Blackburn, and M. Menegon. 2011. Amphibian diversity in the northwestern Eastern Arc Mountains, Tanzania, with the description of a new species of Arthroleptis (Anura: Arthroleptidae). Fieldiana (Life and Earth Sciences) 2011 (4): 90–102.
  • Reeder, N.M.M., T. Cheng, V.T. Vredenburg, and D.C. Blackburn. 2011. Survey of the chytrid fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis from montane and lowland frogs in eastern Nigeria. Herpetology Notes 4: 83–86.
  • Trueb, L., R. Diaz, and D.C. Blackburn. 2011. Osteology and chondrocranial morphology of Gastrophryne carolinensis (Anura: Microhylidae), with a review of the osteological diversity of New World microhylids. Phyllomedusa 10: 99–135.

2012 edit

  • Blackburn, D.C. 2012. A new species of Arthroleptis (Anura: Arthroleptidae) from Ngozi Crater in the Poroto Mountains of southwestern Tanzania. Journal of Herpetology 46: 129–135.
  • Kerney, R.R., D.C. Blackburn, H. Müller, and J. Hanken. 2012. Do larval traits re-evolve? Evidence from the embryogenesis of a direct-developing salamander, Plethodon cinereus. Evolution 66: 252–262.
  • Blackburn, D.C. & Wake, D.B. 2012. Additions and corrections. Zootaxa 3381: 45–46. Preview Reference page

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