Colin Patterson (1933–1998), British paleoichthyologist.

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  • Patterson, C., 1966: British Wealden Sharks. Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History), Geology, 11 (7): 283-350. Reference page

1977 edit

  • Patterson, C. 1977. The contribution of paleontology to teleostean phylogeny. Pp. 579-643 in: Hecht, M.K., Goody, P.C. & Hecht, B.M. (eds): Major patterns in vertebrate evolution. New York: Plenum Press. Reference page
  • Patterson, C. & Rosen, D.E. 1977. Review of ichthyodectiform and other Mesozoic teleost fishes and the theory and practice of classifying fossils. American Museum of Natural History, Bulletin 158: 81–172. Reference page

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