Brian G. Gardiner

Brian G. Gardiner (1934–2021), British palaeontologist.

Queen Elizabeth Collage, University of London

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1963 Edit

  • Gardiner, B. G., 1963: Certain palaeoniscoid fishes and the evolution of the snout in actinopterygians. Bulletin of The British Museum (Natural History) Geology, 8:255-325. BHL

1966 Edit

  • Gardiner, B.G. 1966. Catalogue of Canadian fossil fishes. - Life Sciences Contribution of the Royal Ontario Museum, 68: 1–154. Reference page

1977 Edit

  • Gardiner, B. G. & Bartram, A. W. H., 1977: The homologies of ventral cranial fissures in ostheichthyans. Pp. 227-245, 8 figs. in: Andrews, S. M., Miles, R, S, & Walker, A. D. (eds.): Problems in Vertebrate Evolution, London. Reference page

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