Gilbert John Arrow

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Gilbert John Arrow (1873–1948), British entomologist.


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1900 edit

  • Waterhouse, C.O., Gahan, C.J. & Arrow, G.J. 1900. Coleoptera. Pp. 89–127. In: Andrews, C.W. (ed.) A monograph of Christmas Island (Indian Ocean): Physical features and geology, with descriptions of the fauna and flora by numerous contributors. British Museum Trustees: London. BHL. Reference page

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1917 edit

  • Arrow, G.J. 1917. The Fauna of British India, including Ceylon and Burma. Coleoptera Lamellicornia part II (Rutelinae, Desmonycinae, and Euchirinae). London: Taylor & Francis, 387 pp., 5 pls. Reference page

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1921 edit

  • Arrow, G.J. 1921. Scarabaeidae. Melolonthinae, Rutelinae et Dynastinae. In: Babault G.: Mission dans les Provinces centrales de l’Inde et dans la région occidentale de l’Himalaya. Paris: 16 pp.
  • Arrow, G.J. 1921. A revision of the melolonthine beetles of the genus Ectinohoplia. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 1921: 267–276.

1925 edit

  • Arrow, G.J. 1925. The fauna of British India including Ceylon and Burma. Coleoptera Lamellicornia (Cetoniinae and Dynastinae). Taylor & Francis; London. 322 p.

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1951 edit

  • Arrow, G.J., 1951: Horned beetles – A study of the fantastic in nature. W. Junk Publishers; The Hague. 154p.

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