Charles Joseph Gahan

Charles Joseph Gahan (1862–1939), Irish entomologist.

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  • Gahan, C.J. 1902. Coleoptera Longicornia. In: Shelford, R.: Observations on some Mimetic Insects and Spiders from Borneo and Singapore. With Appendices containing Descriptions of new Species. Proceedings of the General Meetings of Science Business of Zoological Society of London 2 [1902]: 273–278, pls XIX & XXIII. BHL Reference page
  • Gahan, C.J. 1902. Longicornia. pp. 462–464. In: Johnston, H.H.: The Uganda protectorate; an attempt to give some description of the physical geography, botany, zoology, anthropology, languages and history of the territories under British protection in East Central Africa, between the Congo free state and the Rift Valley and between the first degree of south latitude and the fifth degree of north latitude. Vol. 1. Hutchinson and Co., London. BHL Reference page

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  • Gahan, C.J. 1904. Order Coleoptera. Fam. Cerambycidæ. (Longicornia.) In: Distant, W.L. 1904–1906. Insecta Transvaaliensia. A contribution to a knowledge of the entomology of South Africa. Publisher W.L. Distant, Hatton Garden, London 1 (5–6): 98–252. Reference page

1906 edit

  • Gahan, C.J. 1906. The Fauna of British India, including Ceylon and Burma. Coleoptera. Vol. I. (Cerambycidae). C. T. Bingham, London, xviii + 329 pp., 107 figs. BHL Reference page

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  • Gahan, C.J. 1913. Mimicry in Coleoptera. Proceedings of the South London Entomological and Natural History Society 1913–14: 28–38.
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