Yusuke Takanami, Japanese entomologist

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1982 edit

  • Takanami, Y., 1982. A new genus, a new species and four new subspecies of Lycaenid butterflies from the Philippines. Memoirs of the Tsukada Collection 4: 52-59, pls 7, 8. Reference page

1984 edit

  • Takanami, Y., 1984. Descriptions of four new subspecies of Lycaenidae from the Philippines. Tokurana (Acta Rhopalocera} 6(7): 51-59. Reference page

1985 edit

  • Takanami, Y., 1985a. Description of a new subspecies of genus Deramas (Lep. Lycaenidae) from Negros, the Philippines Tokurana (Acta Rhopalocera) 8(2): 1-5, ill. Reference page
  • Takanami, Y. 1985. A new species of genus Arhopala and some other species from Philippines. Chô Chô, published by Gen-Gen Sha, 8(8): 14–20, 8 figs. Reference page

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