Takeo Yaginuma

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Takeo Yaginuma (八木沼健夫; 1916–1995). Japanese arachnologist.

Prof. Emeritus of Otemongakuin University

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  • Yaginuma, T. 1967. Revision and new addition to fauna of Japanese spiders, with descriptions of seven new species. Literary Department Review, Otemon Gakuin University, Osaka 1: 87-107. Reference page

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1975 edit

  • Yaginuma, T. 1975. The spider fauna of Japan (V). Faculty of Letters Revue, Otemon Gakuin University 9: 187-195. Reference page

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1979 edit

  • Yaginuma, T. 1979. A study of the Japanese species of nesticid spiders. Faculty of Letters Revue, Otemon Gakuin University 13: 255–287. Reference page
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