Wendell P. Woodring

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Wendell P. Woodring (1891–1983), American paleontologist.

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Publications Edit

1928 Edit

  • Woodring W.P., 1928. Miocene Mollusks from Bowden, Jamaica; Part II, gastropods and discussion of results. Carnegie Institution of Washington Publication. Vol. 385. Reference page
  • Wythe Cooke C., Gardner J. & Woodring W.P. 1943. Correlation of the Cenozoic formations of the Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plain and the Caribbean region. GSA Bulletin (1943) 54 (11): 1713–1722, DOI: 10.1130/GSAB-54-1713.

1950 Edit

1966 Edit

  • Woodring W.P. 1966. The Panama land bridge as a sea barrier. Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society.
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