Werner Mayer (1943–2015), Austrian herpetologist.

  • Naturhistorisches Museum, Wien, Austria.

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1989 Edit

  • Berger-Dell’Mour, H.A.E. & Mayer, W. 1989. On the parapatric existence of two species of the Pedioplanis undata group (Reptilia: Sauria: Lacertidae) in the central Namib Desert (Southwest Africa) with description of the new species Pedioplanis husabensis. Herpetozoa 1(3–4): 83–95. Reference page

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1998 Edit

  • Mayer, W. 1998. Das Geschlecht der Gattung Podarcis: Eine Entgegnung. Die Eidechse 8(3): 99–100. Reference page

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