Wen-Ying Yin (尹文英; 1922–2023), Chinese entomologist.

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1980 edit

  • Yin, W.Y. 1980. Studies on Chinese Protura: Description of new species and new genera of the family Acerentomidae with discussions on their phylogenetic significance. Contributions from Shanghai Institute of Entomology 1: 135–156. [in Chinese with English summary]. Reference page

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  • Uéno, S.-I. & Yin, W.-Y. 1993. Notes on the trechine fauna (Coleoptera, Trechinae) of the Diancang Shan Mountains in western Yunnan, southwest China. Elytra 21(2): 353–361. PDF Reference page
  • Yin, W.-J. & Xie, R.-D. 1993. A new genus, two new species and two new records of Protura from the Northeast China. Contributions from Shanghai Institute of Entomology 11: 63–71. (In Chinese with English summary) Reference page

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