Valter Monteiro de Azevedo-Santos

Valter Monteiro de Azevedo-Santos (born 1989), Brazilian ichthyologist.

Author abbreviation: Azevedo-Santos


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2011 edit

  • Azevedo-Santos, V.M., Rigolin-Sá, O. & Pelicice, F.M. 2011. Growing, losing or introducing? Cage aquaculture as a vector for the introduction of non-native fish in Furnas Reservoir, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Neotropical ichthyology 9(4): 915–919.

2012 edit

  • Barbosa, M.A. & Azevedo-Santos, V.M. 2012. A new species of the catfish genus Trichomycterus (Teleostei: Siluriformes: Trichomycteridae) from the rio Paraná basin, southeastern Brazil. Vertebrate zoology 62(3): 357–362.

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2021 edit

  • Rheindt, F.E., Ahyong, S.T., Azevedo-Santos, V.M., Bertling, M., Bouchard, P., Evenhuis, N., Harvey, M., Irham, M., Krell, F.T., Pape, T., Peterson, A.T., Prawiradilaga, D.M., Pyle, R.L., Rasmussen, P., Welter-Schultes, F. & Winker, K. 2021. Response to O’Connell et al. (2020): There are multiple ways to adapt taxonomy to conservation goals. Biodiversity and Conservation 30: 249–251.
  • Azevedo-Santos, V.M., Rodrigues-Filho, J.L., Fearnside, P.M., Lovejoy, T.E. & Brito, M.F.G. 2021. Conservation of Brazilian freshwater biodiversity: Thinking about the next 10 years and beyond. Biodiversity and Conservation 30: 235–241.

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