Ulrich Manthey, German herpetologist.

  • Society for Southeast Asian Herpetology, Kindelbergweg 15, 12249 Berlin, Germany.

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1991 edit

  • Manthey, U. & Denzer, W. 1991. Die Echten Winkelkopfagamen der Gattung Gonocephalus Kaup (Sauria: Agamidae). 1. Die megalepis-Gruppe mit Gonocephalus lacunosus sp. n. aus Nord-Sumatra (In German). Sauria 13(1): 3–10. Reference page

2000 edit

  • Manthey, U. & Denzer, W. 2000. Description of a new genus, Hypsicalotes gen. nov. (Sauria: Agamidae) from Mt. Kinabalu, North Borneo, with remarks on the generic identity of Gonocephalus schultzewestrumi Urban, 1999. Hamadryad 25(1): 13–20. Reference page

2006 edit

  • Manthey, U. & Denzer, W. 2006. A revision of the Melanesian-Australian angle head lizards of the genus Hypsilurus (Sauria: Agamidae: Amphibolurinae), with description of four new species and one new subspecies. Hamadryad 30(1/2): 1–40. Reference page

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