Thomas Scott (1840-1929)

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1883 Edit

  • Scott, T. 1883: Some Notes on Goniocypris mitra. Proceedings of the Natural History Society of Glasgow, 5 (2): 214–215. PDF

1894 Edit

  • Scott T., 1894. Additions to the fauna of the Firth of Forth. Part VI. Report of the Fishery Board for Scotland. 12(3):231–271, pls. 5-10. PDF Reference page

1901 Edit

  • Scott T., 1901. Notes on some parasites of fishes. Rep. Fish. Bd. Scotl.
  • Scott T., 1901. On some Entomostraca collected in the Arctic Seas in 1898 by William S. Bruce, FRSGS. Taylor & Francis.
  • Scott T., 1901. Notes on gatherings of Crustacea, collected for the most part by the Fishery Steamer "Garland" and the Steam Trawler "St Andrew" of Aberdeen and examined during the year 1900. Rep. Fish. Bd. Scotl. 19: 235–281, pls 17, 18.

1902 Edit

  • Scott T., 1902. Notes on gatherings of Crustacea collected by the fishery steamer “Garland”, and the steam trawlers “Star of Peace” and “Star of Hope”, of Aberdeen, during the year 1901. Twentieth Annual Report of the Fishery Board for Scotland.

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