Thomas Nelson Annandale

Thomas Nelson Annandale (born 15 June 1876 in Edinburgh, dead 10 April 1924 in Calcutta), Scottish zoologist and anthropologist.

Thomas Nelson Annandale.

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  • Annandale, N. 1912: Zoological results of the Abor Expedition, 1911-1912. I. Amphibia. Records of the Indian Museum, 8: 7–36.

1913 edit

  • Annandale, N. 1913: Some new and interesting Batrachia and lizards from India, Ceylon and Borneo. Records of the Indian Museum, 9: 301–307.

1916 edit

  • Annandale, N. 1916. Barnacles from Deep-Sea Telegraph Cables in the Malay Archipelago. Journal of the Straits Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, 74(3): 281–302. JSTOR BHL Reference page

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  • Annandale, N. 1919: The fauna of certain small streams in the Bombay Presidency: Some frogs from streams in the Bombay Presidency. Records of the Indian Museum, 16: 109–161.
  • Annandale, N., 1919: Notes on fishes of the genus Discognathus from India and Persia. Records of the Indian Museum (Calcutta), 18 (1): 65–78, Pls. 9-11. BHL Reference page

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