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This generates a link to the category of a person's authored taxon names. It shows the number of taxon names as well. It defaults to the number of pages in:


If you want to use a different name, use:

{{Taxa authored|other name}}

For grammatically correct translations, there is a parameter to specify the gender of the taxon author.

  • For male authors (default):{{Taxa authored}}
  • For female authors:{{Taxa authored|g=f}}


  • {{Taxa authored|Carolus Linnaeus}}
    results in:

    Taxon names authored

(List may be incomplete)

(List may be incomplete)

(List may be incomplete)


Use this to display taxon names authored by an author.

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Template parameters


Optional, if you want a different author name instead of the page name


See also

  • {{Taxa by author}} – template for use on taxon-author category pages.